1. Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold

Best QB in the draft, Cleveland need a QB for the future, enough said…

2. Buffalo Bills (Projected trade with New York Giants) - Josh Rosen

After trading for the number two pick overall Buffalo will take Josh Rosen, a pristine pocket passer who can flourish in the Bills system. He can start straight away if needed and will provide AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman with solid competition. They will also have the ability to take a good running back or wide receiver in the later rounds of the draft to help Rosen out.

3. New York Jets - Josh Allen

The Jets are obviously after their Quarterback of the future, Allen is a player with a large ceiling that will have the ability to sit behind Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown. The Wyoming prospect has an unbelievable arm, he's big and strong which is perfect for the cold weather he will no doubt face when playing in New York. Allen is also a Quarterback with a low floor, he never played in big games in college and when he did he wasn't great. He also struggles to throw receivers open and lacks accuracy, he will need to sit behind other quarterbacks for at least one year.

4. Cleveland Browns - Saquon Barkley

The Browns take one of the best prospects in the draft in Saquon Barkley. The Penn State running back is an unbelievable weapon and will suit Cleveland as they can now have a two-headed backfield with the signing of Carlos Hyde. Barkley is fast, nifty and strong and will have the ability to make in impact straight from week 1.

5. Denver Broncos - Bradley Chubb

With the loss of Aqib Talib, Denver need to improve their defense and secondary, the best way to improve a secondary is a good pass rush. Chubb is a world class defensive end who can create problems from the edge and constantly break into the pocket and pressure the quarterback.

6. Indianapolis Colts - Quenton Nelson

Nelson has unbelievable balance and discipline, he never gets beaten on a bulrush and will fit nicely into an Indianapolis scheme that desperately need help in the offensive line to protect Andrew Luck. Nelson is a can't miss prospect and will be a Pro Bowler for years to come.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Derwin James

The Buccaneers need to find a new dog for the back field; who better than Florida State defensive back Derwin James. James can either play cornerback alongside Vernon Hargreaves or play in a strong safety position. He has the speed and effort to constantly make plays and will turn this Bucs defense around with his leadership and undoubted charisma.

8. Chicago Bears - Denzel Ward

Chicago cannot pass on Ward at eight, the best cornerback in the draft with astonishing explosiveness and speed. Ward has the ability to stay with deep threat receivers as well as possessing abrupt agility and patience to cover in press situations. His size can become a problem when covering taller receivers but his speed and awareness more than makes up for this problem.

9. San Francisco 49ers - Tremain Edmunds

Edmunds has the perfect attributes for a line-backer; big, strong, fast and athletic. Although at times he needs to be more patient and wait for the play to develop; rather than taking the quick two or three steps he naturally takes which can often leave him out of position. Once he develops the knowledge of an NFL line-backer expect him to thrive. Edmunds is also a good cover defender, especially in zone schemes.

10. Oakland Raiders - Roquan Smith

With speed lacking in the Oakland defense Smith can become the chase defender they need. He has uncanny playmaking abilities and the awareness to shut down opposition backs quickly and efficiently.

11. Arizona Cardinals (Trade with Miami) - Baker Mayfield

As Arizona have only signed Sam Bradford for one year it is expected that they trade up to snatch Mayfield. The Oklahoma Quarterback is one of the most accurate in the draft, with a quick release and the ability to extend the play. The Heisman Trophy winner will have the opportunity to sit behind Bradford for a year before making this Cardinals offense his own.

12. New York Giants (Projected Trade with Buffalo Bills) - Minkah Fitzpatrick

The best player available at number 12, Fitzpatrick has the ability to play as a slot corner, nickel corner and safety. A true hybrid and a player the Giants can't possible pass on.

13. Washington Redskins - Vita Vea

After boasting the worst run defense in the NFL last season, Vea is the interior pass rush Washington need, his size allows him to dominate the oppositions offensive line and constantly stop the rush. He has great hands with the ability to split gaps and pressure the Quarterback.

14. Green Bay Packers - Mike Hughes

With Sam Shields heading to the Rams the Packers need to find a new cornerback that can make plays. Hughes has good size, good speed and a great ability to always be in a good position to break up the pass. Hughes is especially great in press coverage and has the awareness to make plays and be the ball hawk that Green Bay need. Expect him to have a break out rookie season for the Packers.

15. Miami Dolphins (Trade with Arizona) - Marcus Davenport

After the trade with Arizona the Dolphins will look to upgrade their pass rush through UTSA defensive end Marcus Davenport. An edge rusher with outstanding size and the constant ability to pressure the quarterback and create plays. With the loss of Ndamukong Suh Miami will need to upgrade their pass rush and Davenport is the man they need.

16. Baltimore Ravens - Connor Williams

Connor Williams is an excellent tackle out of Texas possessing great height and quickness that allows him to cover fast pass rushers coming of the edge as well as through a blitz. He has the ability to become a reliable tackle who can provide the Quarterback with ample time in the pocket.

17. Los Angeles Chargers - Rashaan Evans

The chargers have an excellent set of pass rushers in Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa but lack playmaking abilities at inside linebacker. Evans has outstanding speed for a linebacker with his size and has the ability to cover tight ends and backs and even line up in the slot if need be. Evans has a great work rate and has the personality to set the tone of a defense.

18. Seattle Seahawks - Josh Jackson

With the loss of Richard Sherman the Seahawks need to find another shutdown cornerback. Josh Jackson possess outstanding ball skills and size imperative for a successful cornerback. He has the ability to play both inside and out and is constantly putting pressure on receivers. He has great vision and is especially great in zone coverage where he can watch the Quarterback and make plays accordingly.

19. Dallas Cowboys - Calvin Ridley

With the loss of Dez Bryant the Cowboys need to find their new No. 1 receiver (instead of Cole Beasley). Ridley is the best receiver in the draft, he has the speed to be a deep threat and the agility to run quick and precise routes. Ridley can also line up in the slot and has the size to run slants and digs. Prescott needs a new weapon in the receiving corps and Ridley can provide this playmaking ability. Dallas could also take SMU Wideout Courtland Sutton with this pick if Ridley is taken earlier.

20. Detroit Lions - Da'Ron Payne

New Detroit coach Matt Patricia is very defense oriented and with Da'Ron Payne still available it is hard to pass on the defensive tackle from Alabama. Payne has great size and power and can constantly stop the run and disrupt the offensive line and the Quarterback. With the Lions lacking any real ability to create pressure Payne can fit in to Patricia's defensive scheme and cause problems for opposition offenses.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - James Daniels

With the trade for Cordy Glenn from Buffalo helping out offensive tackle, the Bengals can now lock down an interior line man for the next decade in James Daniels. The Iowa prospect has the ability to constantly stay attached to opposition threats and has the speed and athleticism to be adequate in the run game and create time for Dalton in the pocket. He is always aware of his surroundings and a can't miss prospect at the interior line-man position.

22. Buffalo Bills - Harold Landry

The Bills need help with their pass rush and also at linebacker, Landry has the ability to do both. He has been compared to the likes of Von Miller as they are the exact same size and can create pressure with speed, excellent hand moves and bends to get on the edge of tackles and get to the Quarterback. As Sean McDermott runs a 4-3 defense where he is less reliant on the blitz (much like a 3-4 defense) Landry would perfectly fit this scheme.

23. New England Patriots - Will Hernandez

Hernandez is known for dominating the run game, which is something the Patriots need to ignite their rush to help Brady out. I expect New England will take a running back in the later rounds and a solid offensive line will be imperative to his success; as well as helping out 41-year-old Tom Brady. With the loss of Nate Solder at Left Tackle they need to stiffen up Brady's blind side and Hernandez is the man to do that. He is quick for a guard and can adjust his hands and use his awareness to shift defenders and change the point of attack.

24. Carolina Panthers - Sam Hubbard

Hubbard is an explosive pass rusher which could add a specialist sack artist into this Carolina defense. He has great moves at the point of impact and has the ability to slip past blockers using his speed and balance and pressure the Quarterback. Hubbard has an unbelievable work rate and football IQ and would be a great addition to an already dominant Carolina defense.

25. Tennessee Titans - Taven Bryan

Tennessee need a consistent rusher with the ability to disrupt the interior. Bryan is a quick, energetic defensive tackle who can get to the Quarterback purely due to his acceleration and slick moves. He can slither through gaps and has the agility of an edge rusher. He consistently uses push pull techniques which he will diversify when he gets to the next level. With the addition of Malcolm Butler the Titans now boast one of the best secondaries in the AFC and a disruptive pass rush will only enhance this.

26. Kansas City Chiefs (Trade with Atlanta Falcons) - Jaire Alexander

The Chiefs trade up in this situation to take Louisville cornerback Jaire Alexander. Alexander possesses ball skills and speed that allows him to constantly shut down opposition receivers and be in the right position to make a play on the ball. He can play inside and outside because of his size and agility and can fit into this Kansas City scheme seamlessly after the loss of Marcus Peters.

27. New Orleans Saints - Dallas Goedert

Now that Drew Brees is set to stay in New Orleans for the next two years the Saints have to get him another weapon, Goedert is the best tight end in the draft which is something this team has lacked in recent years. He is the perfect size for a tight end, can run precise routes and get break free from defenders. Goedert is also very effective when blocking for the run game as well as holding the pocket upright.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers - Leighton Vander Esch

With Ryan Shazier out for the whole of 2018 the Steelers need to find an inside linebacker who can start straight away. Vander Esch is a great defender against the rush and has the speed and instincts to constantly find the ball and shut the play down. His size and physical attributes allows him to cover tight-ends and occasionally receivers lining up in the slot. He had some of the best numbers at the collegiate level over the past season and should be able to fit straight into the Pittsburgh defense.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars - Lamar Jackson

Although Jacksonville have recently signed Bortles for a further three years they still need someone to wear the red singlet. Jackson would fit into this Jaguars offensive perfectly. As Jacksonville are a rushing and defense based team Lamar's skills are perfectly equipped to fit this scheme. He is one of the best athletes I have ever seen play Quarterback and could add another dimension to this Jacksonville offense that Bortles simply can't offer. I can see the Jaguars using Jackson similar to the way Carolina uses Cam Newton, involving him in many run plays and incorporating run pass options to use his speed and agility.

30. Minnesota Vikings - Mike McGlinchey

The Vikings have a solid roster all round, their offensive line is the only place where a little help is needed. McGlinchey is perhaps the best tackle in the draft and is often overshadowed by his Notre Dame teammate Quenton Nelson. He is a good pocket protector and great at moving the point of attack when blocking for the run on the right side.

31. New England Patriots - Isaiah Oliver

With the loss of Malcolm Butler the Patriots need to find a new corner to partner Stephon Gilmore. Oliver is a great press-coverage corner who has ideal size, speed and aggressiveness. He is rarely out of position and has the awareness and instincts to constantly break up the pass and nullify the impact of his opposite receiver.

32. Philadelphia Eagles - Lorenzo Carter

The Eagles need a third linebacker to accommodate the loss of star slot corner Patrick Robinson and also to play in base formations. Carter is an extremely versatile linebacker with a gangly stature that allows him to cover ground quickly and get his hands-on opposition threats. He also has the ability to blitz and attack the Quarterback off the edge or can use his slight frame to slip through the offensive line.