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The fee Manchester United officially paid for German star Bastian Schweinsteiger has been revealed. And the Red Devils got their man for an absolute bargain.

Known for splurging huge amounts of money to get stars to the club, United amazingly only had to pay a mere £6.52 million to bring Schweinsteiger to Old Trafford from Bayern Munich.

The fee was revealed by Schweinsteiger's old club, Rosenheim, who earned a percentage of the fee Bayern received from United. "The transfer fee adds up to €9m (£6.52m, AUD$14.3m)," Rosenheim said.

“We have been credited for two years.

“We will receive the payment in two instalments, and after deducting the adviser and legal costs, we will receive €19,000 (£13,770, AUD$30,500)."

Schweinsteiger spent two years with Rosenheim, before moving to Bayern Munich at age 13.