It was a trouble free day for Aussie Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo, who managed to record a total of 128 laps around the Circuit de Catalonia with no recurrence of the issues that hampered his progress on Wednesday.

Therefore, the Red Bull Racing driver was able to complete a full programme including a race simulation in the afternoon, finalizing his pre season testing program.

Now the focus is on heading to his native Australia for the season opening race in two weeks time.

"We did almost 130 laps with no issues, so that was positive. For me, today was pretty good. The race sim was OK, it was good for me to get the laps in, to put myself through it physically. You do feel it, it is definitely more physical, but I think I pulled up well and I'm pretty happy about that,” Daniel said.

“In terms of our performance, I would say on day one of this week's test we looked competitive, within a couple of tenths, but today it was maybe a little more. I do think our true pace is closer though. We have a bit to learn still, but I think Melbourne will be another story and I think we'll see a bit more on both the power and aero side. I think we'll be competitive."

For the final day of the test Max Verstappen will take over driving duties and they will try to mirror what they did with Daniel on day one of this week's test.