Daniel Riccardo has slammed the coverage of one of F1's most horrifying crashes in years after Romain Grosjean's car caught on fire after a messy incident in the Bahrain Grand Prix, Per The Guardian.

Grosjean was lucky to escape with his life after his Haas car speared through metal barriers, splitting in two and bursting into flames.

“I'm disgusted and disappointed with Formula One for showing or choosing the way to show it as they did, and broadcast replays after replays after replays of the fire, and his car split in half,” said Renault's Ricciardo. “And then, like that's not enough, they go to his onboard.

“Why do we need to see this? We're competing again in an hour. His family has to keep watching that. All our families have to keep watching that ... It's really unfair. It's not entertainment.”

Ricciardo said Formula One, whose commercial rights are owned by US-based Liberty Media, was lucky it was not having to deal with a very different story.

“To show it like it's something from Hollywood, it's not cool. Choose to do that tomorrow, but not today,” added the Australian driver."

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas agreed the replays were unsettling.

“I feel like people, spectators want to see it. But there's a limit as well,” said the Finn. “It could have been a fraction different, the shunt, and there would have been no way for him to get out of the car.”

Grosjean was lucky to escape with only burns to his hands and ankles.