Sydney FC defender Sebastian Ryall has taken the extraordinary step of encouraging A-League fans to boycott this weekend's games in response to the FFA's treatment of fans.

There are 198 A-League fans who have been banned from attending A-League matches due to alleged anti-social behaviour, however, there is currently no appeal process for those who may have been wrongfully punished.

"The FFA has made a massive mistake. To have to prove yourself innocent goes against everything we believe in Australia," Ryall wrote on Instagram.

"The FFA think they are above the law, the fans of Australia make the game and without them we are nothing. I hope all fans boycott the games this weekend.

"I don't care if your (sic) a Melbourne Victory fan or Western Sydney fan, if your (sic) not guilty of a crime you shouldn't have to prove yourself innocent. This problem has to be fixed and untill (sic) so, the FFA should be made to pay."

Seb Ryall instagram post

Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers' active supporter groups have already vowed to boycott this week's matches and are demanding changes at FFA headquarters.