When the yellow flags wave and the Safety Car hits the racetrack, that means it's time to slow down, right?

Wrong, according to Fox Sports V8 Supercars analyst Mark Skaife.

“It's one of the issues for our sport at the moment,” Skaife told Inside Supercars.

“I would argue that when the Safety Car is out, (drivers go at) warp-speed to maintain track position and to get an advantage.”

While Skaife concedes that he was no angel during his driving career — “the yellow flags are out; they've always been the ‘catch-up' flags ... we all did it,” he said — enough is enough.

“It's happened a lot of times this year: Sydney Motorsport Park, Bathurst was as bad,” he told the panel.

“The Scott Pye incident at the top of the hill was one of the ones. The guys were arriving at warp speed and there's medical people there.”

Fox Sports understands that the medical crew that arrived at Pye's accident on the exit of Sulman Park, where cars hit around 215km/h at full race speed, were concerned at the speed that other cars were passing the scene while they tried to attend to the driver.

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