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Michael Schumacher's former manager, Willi Weber, has complained about how the 7 time champion's family has cut him out of the loop, even refusing to acknowledge birthday gifts and he believes it's because they are afraid of him.

While he is not referring to fear in the traditional sense of the word, the 74 year old explained that they are frightened that he will not keep Michael's current health status a secret.

Michael was severely injured in December of 2013 when he hit his head on a rock when skiing off piste and has been hidden from public view ever since with very few updates on his health being made public. Fans of the former F1 driver have been left to wonder how he is faring with early reports indicating that he was in a vegetative state unable to walk or talk.

Weber understands the need for secrecy, however he also knows the fans need to know if the man they used to worship from afar is okay….

“The Schumacher family seems to be afraid of me. I sent the family flowers and cards for his birthday but I got no answer. That makes me sad,” Weber was quoted as saying in The Express. “There seems to be a fear that I would reveal something about Michael's condition."

"But I would never do that. I would sign any clause of secrecy. Regardless of this, I consider it only right to explain three years after his accident to his millions of fans, how he is. I pray for Michael. When I'm home alone and the phone rings I often feel that it will be Michael saying 'Willi, how's it going? Hope dies last.”

This is not the first time Weber has complained about the lack of information when, back in December of 2015, he told German publication Bild that Michael's wife, Corinna, had shut him and his family out completely…

“Corinna prevents me any contact with Michael. I've tried dozens of times to get permission to visit, each time without success. The situation is terrible for me. But my family is suffering. Our families were for 25 years so closely linked – and now no-one can understand.'

Weber managed Schumacher's career since 1988 when he discovered the then teenager racing Formula Ford. From there he went on to negotiate only the best deals for Schumacher that ended up netting them both a fortune.