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SEN Radio host Andy Maher says that selective reporting of fan behaviour at A-League matches is grossly unfair and must stop.

Maher said that the selective reporting of football matches in Australia was highlighted on the weekend, when it was reported that 10 fans were ejected from the Melbourne Derby at Etihad Stadium.

“Brilliant game of football, there's news all over the place but we decide to lead with that,” an angry Maher said on SEN's Morning Glory.

“Ten people get kicked out.

“Ok, nobody wants to see flares anymore…we understand where we sit on flares.

“But, ten people getting kicked out that's hardly reason to lead a news item I would think.

“Spectacular game of football. It was brilliant, it was compelling, great coverage again, entertaining. It was just a showpiece. It delivered and it was magnificent.

“100 people get kicked out at the Grand Final, hundreds get kicked out on Boxing Day.

“It doesn't lead the news when that happens, that's a footnote somewhere a couple of days after the event.

“This is selective reporting and it's trying to paint a picture to a certain group of consumers out there about soccer in this country and it's got to stop because it's not fair.

Melbourne Victory won the match 3-2 thanks to a 90th minute winner from Besart Berisha, in front of over 40,000 fans at Etihad Stadium.