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Australia's World Cup Qualifier against Bangladesh is in further doubt after another foreign national was murdered.

A 65-year-old Japanese man was shot dead on Saturday, with Islamic group ISIS claiming responsibility.

He is the second man to be murdered by the group in a week, after an Italian aid worker was killed by the group last week.

Australia is due to play Bangaldesh in Dhaka on November 17, but has expressed concern to FIFA, after the Australian cricket team recently cancelled its tour of Bangladesh after receiving intelligence from both the US and UK governments that the region is unsafe.

The US Department of State said it has "reliable new information to suggest that militants may be planning to target Australian interests in Bangladesh"

“Such attacks, should they occur, could likely affect other foreigners, including US citizens,” the US Department of State bulletin stated.

“The US government continues to receive information that terrorist groups in South Asia may also be planning attacks in the region,” it said.