Tottenham goalkeeper Paul Robinson scores during Spurs' 3-1 win over Watford
March 17, 2007 – White Hart Lane, London

Butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, when it is your job to do one thing, doing the direct opposite is sure to shock and rankle plenty.

And when one thinks of a football goalkeeper, they are sure to think of stopping goals, rather than scoring them. It's in the name, after all.

So, when Tottenham goalkeeper Paul Robinson slammed home the second of Spurs' three goals in a win over Watford in 2007, White Hart Lane went suitably apoplectic.

After Spurs won a free kick deep in their half, the club known for playing the ball out from the back and countering cut the corner, with Robinson instead hoofing the ball high and long.

Routinely, these kinds of aimless belts are headed from 50-50 contests and won by someone or other, however, with England's then-No.1 man catching all of the Nike match-ball, and Watford defender Danny Shittu opting to let it bounce, Robinson's opposite number, Ben Foster, never stood a chance.

To this very day, only six goalkeepers have ever scored an English Premier League goal, with Robinson becoming the third to do so.

Peter Schmeichel - Aston Villa vs Everton - October 20, 2001 

Brad Freidel - Blackburn Rovers vs Charlton Athletic - February 21, 1994 

Paul Robinson - Tottenham Hotspur vs Watford - March 17, 2007

Tim Howard - Everton vs Bolton Wanderers - January 4, 2012 

Asmir Begovic - Stoke City vs Southampton - November 2, 2013 

Alisson - Liverpool vs West Bromwich Albion - May 16, 2021