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The Phoenix Suns and LA Clippers battled in a back and forth encounter during game 2 of the NBA Western Conference Finals.

During the arm wrestle Phoenix dominated scoring in the paint 60 to 30 but lost out to in the 3 point battle as LA outscored them 13 to 6 . With these two modes of scoring balancing each other out, the game was ultimately decided by free-throws, which became apparent during the dying stages of the fourth quarter, as the Suns shot at 88.9% compared to the Clippers 75%.

A scary head-clash towards the end of the third quarter between Suns star Devin Booker and Clippers defensive specialist Pat Beverly left the former with a bloody nose.

Like any good drama, the final stretch was where the game was at its most intense as Clippers star Paul George hit the go-ahead bucket in the closing stages of the game.This was immediately followed with a controversial out of bounds turnover for Devin Booker, where Pat Beverly knocked the ball out of his hands.

Immediately after George was fouled and sent to the free-throw line where he missed both shots, providing Phoenix with life as the LA lead was only 1 point.

With just under 8 seconds remaining, Booker passes out of a double team and the Suns attempt an ill-advised 3 pointer, which luckily resulted in an inbound for them with 0.9 seconds remaining.

From here Suns wingman Jai Crowder lobs the ball up to the rim where Powerful Centre Deandre Ayton slams through the game-winning dunk with 0.7 seconds on the clock. The play was made possible by a Devin Booker screen on Clippers big-man Ivan Zubac, giving Ayton just enough freedom to attack the rim.

With the game seemingly over Clippers back-up centre Demarcus Cousins shoved Devin Booker after a verbal altercation.

Yet in true NBA style after review the Clippers were awarded one final opportunity with 0.7 seconds  to inbound from full court and let rip. Unfortunately by the time Paul George got the ball the buzzer had already sounded and the Suns had ran out to a two game lead.

The next two games are scheduled to be played in LA where the Clippers will again have to fight back from a 2-0 deficit.