AO 2015

Officials from the governing bodies of international tennis have announced an independent review of the tennis anti-corruption program.

A press conference was held in Melbourne on Wednesday confirming the news.

The review will report on the appropriateness of the current anti-corruption program, take public commentary surrounding the processes into account and make recommendations for change and it will be headed by Adam Lewis QC.

The review will examine whether tournaments, including Grand Slams, should be sponsored by a betting agency.

"Let me just say that it is unprecedented that the seven stakeholders of tennis have come together so quickly with one purpose, and that is with the sole aim to restore public confidence in our sport," ATP president Chris Kermode said.

"All of us, all seven bodies in our sport, believe that with everything in the news and the serious allegations that have been thrown at our sport, that the last thing anyone wants is another sports body investigating itself, which is why we have taken this very bold step to commission a completely independent review.

"This will be an open review, nothing is off the table. Adam Lewis QC and the review panel can look at anything, they can talk to anyone, investigate anything, and the four important points are there is no deadline to this review, it will take as long as is needed. It will cost what it costs.

"There have been record crowds here at the Australian Open, and at all the grand slams, all the ATP events, all the WTO events around the world, we have the best generation of players that I've ever seen and tennis is one of and, if not the best sports entertainment products in the world, leaders in integrity and we aim to keep it that way.

"I think we all agree they were very serious allegations, it has caused damage to the sport, that is why we have acted so quickly"