While Indy Cars may have then covered down the straight, Formula 1 race cars are still exceptionally quick automobiles.

But with their sleek chassis, powerful downforce, light weight and ability to handle corners at pace, no car can cover the track with greater ease at pace.

As time ticks on, drivers become more skilled, just as the machines they steer have become faster and faster.

And with its smooth surface and several straights, Melbourne's Albert Park race track is considered quite fast by Formula 1 standards.

Ahead of the 2024 edition, we took a look back to see which ten drivers hit the highest speeds during last year's race around the lake.

Driver Car Time Average speed
Sergio Perez Red Bull-Honda 1:20:235 236.814 mph
Max Verstappen Red Bull-Honda 1:20:342 236.498 mph
Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1:20:467 236.131 mph
Fernando Alonso Aston Martin- Mercedes 1:20:476 236.105 mph
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:20:613 235.703 mph
Lance Stroll Aston Martin-Mercedes 1:20:934 234.769 mph
Pierre Gasly Alpine Renault 1:20:995 234.592 mph
Niko Hulkenberg Haas Ferrari 1:21:124 234.219 mph
Lando Norris McLaren Mercedes 1:21:173 234.077 mph
Nyck De Vries Alphatauri Honda 1:21:183 234.049 mph