Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen is not happy that he was penalized for cutting the chicane whilst Sebastian Vettel was trying to overtake him just three laps from the end of the Mexican Grand Prix a week ago, while Lewis Hamilton, who made a very similar manoeuvre on lap one, got off Scott free.

According to the young Dutchman, this is a case of double stands and that the rules need to be a lot clearer and consistent for all concerned because in his opinion, they are ‘ridiculous' and a turn off for the millions of fans watching worldwide.

“The problem with these kinds of rules is that they complicate the sport - for both the viewer and the stewards themselves,” he was quoted by as writing for his sponsor Exact. “That was evident at the Grand Prix of Mexico. Lewis Hamilton cut across the grass at the first corner and was not penalized.”

Max was given a five second time penalty and as a result he lost the podium finish he fought so hard to get….

“That is a ridiculous situation. Lewis and I both miss our braking point, in exactly the same corner. Just like him I didn't have any advantage, because I went first into the corner and came out first again. That I am punished, but not Lewis, indicates that there are double standards.”