After yet another surgery on Tiger Wood's troubled back, it is looking doubtful that he will ever play professional golf again.

Speaking to the media Tiger stated that "There is no timeline" with regards to when he will be able to play again and that any time spent playing golf for the rest of his career "will be gravy".

Tiger's comments almost indicate that his time as a professional maybe over. "I've had a pretty good career for my 20's and 30's... For my 20 years out here I think I've achieved a lot, and if that's all it entails, then I've had a pretty good run."

He did leave a little hope for golf fans though stating "I'm hoping that's not it. I'm hoping that I can get back out here and compete against these guys. I really do miss it."

All golf fans will be hoping for the same and that Tiger gets to end his career on his own terms.