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The 2022/23 NFL season is well underway now and this means we have already seen a good few weeks of high-octane action. As the regular season rumbles on, it is hard not to start thinking about Super Bowl 2023 and which teams might be in with a shot.

This is especially true for those who like to bet on football games and love to wager on the Super Bowl itself. If you plan to get involved with betting on this game, though, it pays to know the best tips first to get the most from it. But what are the best pieces of advice for sports bettors, which apply to every Super Bowl?

Don't be afraid to make Super Bowl futures bets

Although you can wait until the Super Bowl arrives, one great tip is to actually place early bets on it.

These types of wagers are known as futures bets because they see you predicting what might happen when an event is still way off. The major advantage with these for Super Bowl betting is the bigger odds you get.

The lines offered for teams to win the Super Bowl in October each year, for example, will generally be better value than those offered on the day of the game. Take a look here for more info on Super Bowl lines for 2023 and how they work in relation to futures betting.

Try out Super Bowl prop bets

Another great betting tip you can apply to Super Bowl 2023 and those in years to come is focusing on more than just straight moneyline bets. As with the final of any competition, calling who will win this game is not always easy and can be tricky to pull off. Other kinds of bets, though, can be simpler to predict and mean you can still win even if the team your bet relates to does not win ultimately!

Prop bets are the best example of this and see wagering that a certain event will or won't happen in a particular game or series of games. If you know one side has started the season very slowly, for example, you may make a bet that says they won't score more than a certain number of points in the first quarter. By taking on bets like this, you have wider options and do not have to worry about picking a winner.

Avoid making contradicting Super Bowl bets

One superb betting tip that you can use for any Super Bowl game is not making bets that clash. This occurs when your bets just cancel each other out and make it impossible to come out ahead overall.

For example, you do not want to be betting that one side will score a lot of points in the first quarter but then also bet that the other team will not concede many points in the first quarter. The key is to really think about the wagers you place on every Super Bowl and make sure they are sensible ones.

Do your research before making any bets

This is a golden rule for betting on any football game – be it an AFC East game or a clash from another conference. It also comes in useful for Super Bowl betting each year. Whether you plan to make futures bets on this event or place wagers closer to the time, you must research any you go for.

This is because doing your research helps you to bet from a position of knowledge and be as sure as you can that it is a good bet to make. By looking at key stats, team news, and head-to-heads, you can get a better idea of where to put your money.

Think about live betting

Live betting is a real innovation in sports wagering and something that many online sportsbooks offer for the Super Bowl each year. A great tip is to seriously consider this way of making bets. The main advantage is that it sees you waiting until after play has started to get involved. This enables you to see which team is on top, which players are on fire and where you should be putting your money.

Top tips for all Super Bowl bettors

Although we may only be in October, Super Bowl 2023 is starting to loom on the horizon. If you are starting to think about the NFL's top game and also like to bet on it, the tips listed here can be useful for wagering on any Super Bowl match each year.