After Stephen Curry's 33 point, nine 3-pointer performance, it was a no-brainer that he was going to get the nod for finals MVP. However, after Kevin Durant's vital 43-point game in game 3, opinions become divided.

We're here to break down the race for the finals with statistics. As you could probably tell, our prediction to win the whole thing is the Golden State Warriors.

Game 1, both players put in strong performances. Alongside fellow All-Stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Golden State beat the Cavaliers in a complete team effort in overtime.

As the two seemed equal in the race, a closer look at the stats separated them. Curry shot over 30% more than KD did from behind the arc, as well as shoot better from the field and provide the team with more assists.

Game 2 seemed to separate the pair in everybody's eyes as Curry put on a clinic and broke the NBA finals record for 3-pointers made in a single game. Again scoring more points than anyone on the team, the former Davidson Wildcat looked as though he was halfway through scratching his name onto the trophy.

As Curry's odds for the award continued to grow, Durant came out and took over Game 3 as he had the whole twitterverse buzzing.

It can't be said until the final buzzer of the final game, but that hasn't stopped fans from debating who'll be taking the award home.

Regardless of whatever takes place in the end, the two are likely to be hoisting the Larry O'brien trophy when it's all said and done. But be sure that fans are going to be tuning in to see if Golden State's tow MVP's are trying to outdo one another.