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The Daily Mail has revealed the Top 10 Premier League earners and their salaries are simply astounding.

Wayne Rooney tops the list, earning a whopping half a million Australian dollars per week. To put his incredible AUD$565,00 weekly salary into perspective, the average Australian weekly wage is $1,500.

The average EPL weekly wage is £44,000 per week.

Premier League Top 10 earners (per week before tax)

Wayne Rooney - A$565,000 (£260k)

Sergio Aguero - A$521,000 (£240k)

Yaya Toure - A$521,000 (£240k)

Eden Hazard - A$478,000, (£220k)

David Silva - A$434,000 (£200k)

Mesut Özil - A$412,000 (£190k)

Raheem Sterling - A$391,000 (£180k)

Cesc Fabregas - A$369,000 (£170k)

Kevin de Bruyne - A$369,000 (£170k)

John Terry - A$347,000 (£160k)