F1 CEO Chris Carey is in talks to add two new races to the 2021 season.

Carey has confirmed plans for a smoother and simpler season next year.

"The long-term impact, whether it be for promoters or sponsors, we're planning to be business as we planned it for 2021. That's our expectation.

"We expect 2021 to look like the 2021 we planned back in January. Ultimately we have renewals to put in place and some ongoing discussions with a couple of potential new races that we think would be a positive enhancement to the business for fans and shareholders.

"If we planned on 22 races - and again, we don't have a magic number - then we'd still be planning on 22 races."

There are hopes for a race around Miami's Hardrock Stadium, but those plans are now forecast for 2022.

China, Spain, Monaco, Austria and Brazil are all in discussions for extensions to keep their respective events alive.

Broadcasters reportedly require 15 races from the organisation to be required to fill their financial obligations, Carey is expecting their to still be a season of some capacity at this stage.

"Racing without fans has a much more significant impact on the broadcaster side than on the promoter and sponsorship side," added Carey.

"We've talked about these being week-long spectacles, multi-day events, the city involved, the track involved. Without fans at any of that, it's clearly a very different opportunity, a very different event, and we recognise that.

"These are unprecedented situations. With the broadcasters and sponsors, they do look at it as a season as a whole.

"There are contracts that have provisions tied to a number of races that is below what we have, so we have some room there.

"But we feel we can deliver a quality event for those. We can make it a great event but live fans won't be there, so the impact is going to be more significant on the promoter side."

It has not been determined where the two new races would take place.