Even though this morning's teaser showed the new Red Bull Racing proudly displaying the number 1 secured by Shane van Gisbergen int eh 2016 Supercars Championship, the team have confirmed that their Kiwi Champion will retain his preferred number 97 in the 2017 season.

While the majority of the field will continue to run with the same numbers, like 888 for Craig Lowndes and 88 for Jamie Whincup, the number one is normally worn with pride. However van Gisbergen explained that everyone knows he is champion, so there is no need to rub it in by displaying the number 1.

“97 has always been my number. I started racing with 97 and it is only fitting I continue with it,” Van Gisbergen was quoted as saying on the sport's official website. “Everyone knows we won last year, there is no need in my opinion to rub it in. New year, new start, everyone starts with zero points.”

Team boss Ronald Dane was of the same opinion…

“We don't need a number to tell us that we're numero uno for the moment,” team boss Ronald Dane told the sport's official website, supercars.com. “He's passionate about it, as plenty of drivers and riders are in motorsport – [Lewis] Hamilton with #44, [Valentino] Rossi with #46 - so as long as he could "sell" it to his car crew, I said yes”.