Red Bull driver Max Verstappen broke the streak of four straight wins for Mercedes with a big upset win on the weekend.

Verstappen started on hard tyres, as opposed to the medium-shod of Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and polesitter Valtteri Bottas.

A smooth getaway into turn one was the perfect start for Verstappen, from there he had the pressure on the Mercedes duo heavily in the first stint of the race.

Vertsappen was even told to hold off by his engineer Gianpiero Lambiase, before replying on the radio: “Mate, this is the only chance of being close to a Mercedes, I'm not just sitting around like a grandma!”

The Mercedes duo blistered their tyres badly trying to keep a high pace, allowing Verstappen to take advantage and claim Red Bull's first win at Silverstone since 2012.

“I didn't see it coming!" Verstappen stated afterwards. "But after the first stint, it seemed like we were really good on tyres. Of course, then there was a question mark: ‘How are Mercedes going to go on that hard tyre?'

“But we had a lot of pace in the car, I didn't really have a lot of tyre issues, we just kept pushing. An incredible result to win here, we had a great day, everything worked out well, we had the right strategy, everything was running smooth and I'm incredibly happy to win,” he said.

The Dutchman is now second in the drivers' championship, 30 points behind Hamilton.