Rugby League star Daniel Vidot says he has secured a contract with WWE.

The Australian-Samoan said on his Facebook page that he has been offered a three-year-deal by the sports entertainment giant, having successfully completed a three-day trial at their famed Performance Centre.

The former Brisbane winger is set to give NRL away to take up a short term deal in Rugby Union before relocating to the US to chase his pro wrestling dream.

WWE Trial finished. And they said.... 'yes'!!they're keen to sign me 󾌳 3 year deal is what it's looking like, but won't be til a couple years away 󾮖🏽 but first, finish off my rugby contract (which I can't reveal to you as yet) then am looking to do the switch! Big choices!! Thanks to everyone who supported me and sent me kind messages!!love ya's!! ❤️ And to the 'Haters' thanks for the motivation love you's also for you became my fuel ❤️. Most of all I love that feeling when you prove people wrong.. 󾮗🏼And to all the young youth out there.. Don't doubt your dreams, don't listen to the haters talking behind your back.. They are all behind you for a reason #realtalk #itwasalladream #damnthatfeltgood 󾮖🏽

Posted by Daniel Sean Vidot on Friday, 23 October 2015

The 25-year-old has spent the last three days in Orlando, Florida trailing for a contract with the wrestling giant.

Vidot is the fourth Australian to sign a deal with the WWE. Nathan Jones was briefly contracted, while two young wrestlers from Melbourne are currently in the development system.