Whether chasing a score or setting one, digging in at the crease after taking centre is the key to winning at Test cricket, with the best XIs adept at batting for hours and hours on end.

Throughout the game's well-chronicled history, many batters have notched tonnes, double tonnes and, on the rare occasion, triple tonnes during their stays at the popping crease.

However, on this list, we have concerned ourselves solely with the teams that combined to post mammoth totals over marathon stretches.

From Bradman's Invincibles on foreign soil to a supreme Sri Lankan effort in Colombo, here is every instance of a Test cricket team scoring at least 700 runs in a single innings.

Total Team Opponent Venue Innings Date
952/6d Sri Lanka India Colombo Second August 2, 1997
903/7d England Australia The Oval First August 20, 1938
849 England West Indies Kingston First April 3, 1930
790/3d West Indies Pakistan Kingston Second February 26, 1958
765/6d Pakistan Sri Lanka Karachi Second February 21, 2009
760/7d Sri Lanka India Ahmedabad Second November 16, 2009
759/7d India England Chennai Second December 16, 2016
758/8d Australia West Indies Kingston Second June 11, 1955
756/5d Sri Lanka South Africa Colombo (SSC) Second July 27, 2006
751/5d West Indies England St John's First April 10, 2004
749/9d West Indies England Bridgetown Second February 26, 2009
747 West Indies South Africa St John's Second April 29, 2005
735/6d Australia Zimbabwe Perth First October 9, 2003
730/6d Sri Lanka Bangladesh Mirpur Second January 27, 2014
729/6d Australia England Lord's Second June 27, 1930
726/9d India Sri Lanka Brabourne Second December 2, 2009
715/6d New Zealand Bangladesh Hamilton Second February 28, 2019
713/3d Sri Lanka Zimbabwe Bulawayo Second May 14, 2004
713/9d Sri Lanka Bangladesh Chattogram Second January 31, 2018
710/7d England India Birmingham Second August 10, 2011
708 Pakistan England The Oval First August 6, 2011
707 India Sri Lanka Colombo (SSC) Second July 26, 2010
705/7d India Australia Sydney First January 2, 2004
704/3d Sri Lanka Ireland Galle Second April 24, 2023
701 Australia England The Oval First August 18, 1934