Former no. 1 draft pick Andrew Bogut will suit up for his fourth NBA team when he steps on the court for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Aussie found little love in Dallas before he was traded to Philadelphia, waived, and then finally signed by the reigning champions.

There is little doubt Bogut is one of the premiere ring protectors in the league. While his defensive skills are highly sought after, he is continually undersold on the other end of the floor.

He has a career field goal percentage of 53.4% and continually finds himself in the right spot at the right time. With Lebron James having one of his most effective seasons passing the ball, expect Bogut's offensive output to improve compared to his stint with the Mavericks.

Miami star Chris Bosh agrees with the idea that Bogut's low-post game should be recognised.

"In college he was a dominant low-post player, now we've only seen him facilitate and get other guys involved and be that classic big, setting screens and kind of being that tough guy in the middle. But he can score the basketball." he said

A key strength of the Australian's game is his passing ability. Bogut showed in Golden State and during his time with the Boomer's at the Rio Olympics, that his ability to find the open man on both the perimeter and the inside is rivalled by few big men at any level. With the Cavs being one of the most potent three-point threats in the league, his passing ability will no doubt continue to be on show.

With the potential of coming up against the likes of Andre Drummond (Detroit), Robin Lopez (Chicago), Dwight Howard (Atlanta), Marcin Gortat (Washington), and Al Horford (Atlanta) in the playoffs, adding Bogut is crucial. Tristan Thompson is an undersized centre, however, his job will be made easier with Bogut giving him some relief.

The Herd's Colin Cowherd believes that Bogut could be one of the most important signings of the year, stating, "I believe if they get Andrew Bogut, Cleveland will win the championship".

With most fans and media still hoping for a Cleveland and Golden State finals series for the third year in a row, Bogut could potentially provide some inside information on their rivals. Lebron James however, has downplayed this idea, "We'll see, we don't know, at the end of the day we've played them enough".

Whether he can provide any help off the court or not, there is no doubt Andrew Bogut will be a crucial inclusion to the Cleveland Cavaliers' roster. His defensive presence is well noted, but his offence could also prove helpful. Current trends also show that if you want to win an NBA championship you have to have an Aussie on your side, so the Cavs are well on the way to going back-to-back.