The difference between good and great basketball teams is that great teams can be dominant across all four quarters, time and time again.

However, in an 82-game regular season, even champion units are prone to turning in a stinker, or two.

And while some units are fine with putting the cue in the rack after a sloppy start, the cream of the NBA's crop has pushed their greatness to the fore in the form of dramatic bounce-backs.

From a mile down to ending up on the winning side of the ledger, these are the five biggest comebacks in NBA history.

Deficit erased Team Opponent Date
36 points Utah Jazz Denver Nuggets November 27, 1996
35 points Los Angeles Clippers Washington Wizards January 25, 2022
  Sacramento Kings Chicago Bulls December 21, 2009
32 points Boston Celtics San Antonio Spurs April 30, 2021
31 points Golden State Warriors Milwaukee Bucks November 27, 1975