In an 82-game regular season, no team has gone through their entire schedule without celebrating a win.

However, in a league that rewards historically bad teams with premium draft picks to spend on blue-chip talents, woeful teams have often avoided wins like the proverbial plague.

The worst of these outfits have made a habit of almost losing on demand, often going weeks, and sometimes even months, without toasting a dub.

From the 'Process' Sixers to the wheels falling off in the Motor City, here is the full list of NBA franchises to have lost at least 23 games in a row.

Losing streak Franchise Season/s
28 games Detroit Pistons 2023/24
  Philadelphia 76ers 2014/15 & 2015/16
26 games Cleveland Cavaliers 2010/11
  Philadelphia 76ers 2013/14
24 games Cleveland Cavaliers 1981/82 & 1982/83
23 games Vancouver Grizzlies 1995/96
  Denver Nuggets 1997/98
  Charlotte Bobcats 2011/12 & 2012/13