While no NBA team has remained perfect across 82 of their regular season starts, a number have run the figure close.

With the task of playing night in and night out, winning streaks can be tough to string together as form and injuries play their part on either side of the ball.

Yet, for the finely-tuned and soundly-constructed rosters, winning on the bounce doesn't just become possible, it becomes infectious.

From a golden unit out of La-La Land to a champion outfit from the Big Apple, here is every NBA team to have won at least 18 games in a row during a single season.

Winning streak Team Season
33 games Los Angeles Lakers 1971/72
27 games Miami Heat 2012/13
24 games Golden State Warriors 2015/16
22 games Houston Rockets 2007/08
20 games Milwaukee Bucks 1970/71
19 games Atlanta Hawks 2014/15
  San Antonio Spurs 2013/14
  Boston Celtics 2008/09
  Los Angeles Lakers 1999/00
18 games Phoenix Suns 2021/22
  Milwaukee Bucks 2019/20
  Chicago Bulls 1995/96
  Boston Celtics 1981/82
  New York Knicks 1969/70