In the years since the first ball hit the onion bag way back in 1872, the FA Cup has held a special place in the hearts of English football fans right around the globe.

With every single club within the top nine levels of the English Football League System eligible for the knock-out tournament, teams without two pennies to rub together are afforded the right to dream of romantic upsets over the big boys in the 'prem.

Even in this age of rich deals, full-time professionalism and eight-figure boot deals, there is still room for upsets, with giant killers emerging each and every season.

And for those that can prove perfect round after round, their reward is the right to walk down Wembley Way on Cup Day, one of the most treasured acts on the global sporting calendar.

But which clubs can lay claim to having won the FA Cup on more than one occasion?

From a string of pioneering victories to the big boys of today, here is the full list of clubs to have won at least two FA Cups.

Number of victories Club
14 Arsenal
12 Manchester United
8 Chelsea
  Tottenham Hotspur
7 Manchester City
  Aston Villa
6 Newcastle United
  Blackburn Rovers
5 Everton
  West Bromwich Albion
4 Wolverhampton Wanderers
  Bolton Wanderers
  Sheffield United
3 Sheffield Wednesday
  West Ham United
2 Preston North End
  Old Etonians
  Nottingham Forest