Study the game with the naked eye or on the stats sheet, and you will quickly learn what those in the batter's box already know: hitting a home run is a tough job.

While many Major Leaguers bat for average by putting the ball on the ground before hustling to get on base, those hitting clean-up set their sights a little further beyond the in-field.

Although brilliant fielders and the fleet of foot have entertained fans for well over a century, the long bombers still win the loudest of their cheers.

From a pair of Bash Brothers in the Bay Area to a Polar Bear in Queens Borough, here is the full list of Major League Baseballers to have hit at least 33 home runs in their rookie season.

Player Home runs Season Team
Pete Alonso 53 2019 New York Mets
Aaron Judge 52 2017 New York Yankees
Mark McGwire 49 1987 Oakland Athletics
Cody Bellinger 39 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers
Frank Robinson 38 1956 Cincinnati Reds
Wally Berger 38 1930 Boston Braves
Albert Pujols 37 2001 St. Louis Cardinals
Al Rosen 37 1950 Cleveland Indians
Jose Abreu 36 2014 Chicago White Sox
Mike Piazza 35 1993 Los Angeles Dodgers
Ron Kittle 35 1983 Chicago White Sox
Rudy York 35 1937 Detroit Tigers
Hal Trosky Sr. 35 1934 Cleveland Indians
Ryan Braun 34 2007 Milwaukee Brewers
Walt Dropo 34 1950 Boston Red Sox
Ryan Mountcastle 33 2021 Baltimore Orioles
Jose Canseco 33 1986 Oakland Athletics
Earl Williams 33 1971 Atlanta Braves
Jimmy Hall 33 1964 Minnesota Twins