Doubles, triples or sending balls out of the yard, there are multiple ways to record an extra-base hit.

Either way, these big knocks often mean that the scoreboard is moving for the batting team, or, at worst, a runner has been put into scoring position.

From a Bay Area bomber to the sole Sultan of Swat, here is the full list of Major League Baseballers to have hit 100 or more extra-base hits in a single season.

Player Season Extra-base hits Team
Babe Ruth 1921 119 New York Yankees
Lou Gehrig 1927 117 New York Yankees
Barry Bonds 2001 107 San Francisco Giants
Chuck Klein 1930 107 Philadelphia Phillies
Todd Helton 2001 105 Colorado Rockies
Sammy Sosa 2001 103 Chicago Cubs
Todd Helton 2000 103 Colorado Rockies
Albert Belle 1995 103 Cleveland Indians
Stan Musial 1948 103 St. Louis Cardinals
Hank Greenberg 1937 103 Detroit Tigers
Chuck Klein 1932 103 Philadelphia Phillies
Rogers Hornsby 1922 102 St. Louis Cardinals
Luis Gonzalez 2001 100 Arizona Diamondbacks
Jimmie Foxx 1932 100 Philadelphia Athletics
Lou Gehrig 1930 100 New York Yankees