While basketball games are won on the scoreboard, it is the players on the court who either post these points or prevent them from occurring.

In the NBA, every player's potency is measured by plus-minus, a metric that tracks the change in score when said player is on the hardwood.

Naturally, players with a plus score are more valuable to their team and the unit's effort, while those in the negative must work on their games at either end of the floor.

But which NBA player has the best career plus-minus score?

From a trifecta of legendary Spurs to a trio of contemporary champions, these are the NBA players with the highest plus-minuses since the metric was first recorded in 2007-08.

Player Teams +/- Games played
Tim Duncan San Antonio +8910 1392
LeBron James Cleveland, Miami & Los Angeles Lakers +7427* 1490*
Dirk Nowitzki Dallas +6541 1522
Chris Paul New Orleans, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston, Oklahoma City, Phoenix & Golden State +6123* 1269*
Stephen Curry Golden State +5879* 954*
Tony Parker San Antonio & Charlotte +5690 1254
Manu Ginobili San Antonio +5468 1057
Steve Nash Phoenix, Dallas & Los Angeles Lakers +5043 1217
Kevin Garnett Minnesota, Boston & Brooklyn +4913 1382
Shaquille O'Neal Orlando, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland & Boston +4887 912

*Denotes a current player, with all stats accurate as of April 9, 2024