While putting a score on the board is integral to winning any basketball game, let alone a do-or-die playoff fixture, turning defence into offence gets the ball rolling.

Rebounds are more than helpful, but the ability to reach in and snatch the ball to start a quick break can often be a real momentum shifter.

From a contemporary king in La-La Land to his predecessor in the Windy City, here is the full list of NBA players to have recorded at least 250 career steals in playoff games.

Player Playoff steals Team/s
LeBron James 483 Cleveland, Miami & Los Angeles Lakers
Scottie Pippen 395 Chicago, Houston & Portland
Michael Jordan 376 Chicago & Washington
Magic Johnson 358 Los Angeles Lakers
John Stockton 338 Utah
Kobe Bryant 310 Los Angeles Lakers
Jason Kidd 302 Dallas, Phoenix, New Jersey & New York
Larry Bird 296 Boston
Maurice Cheeks 295 Philadelphia, San Antonio, New York, Atlanta & New Jersey
Manu Ginobili 292 San Antonio
Chris Paul 287 New Orleans, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston, Oklahoma City, Phoenix & Golden State
Clyde Drexler 278 Portland & Houston
Robert Horry 276 Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles Lakers & San Antonio
James Harden 273 Oklahoma City, Houston, Brooklyn, Philadelphia & Los Angeles Clippers
Dwyane Wade 273 Miami, Chicago & Cleveland
Derek Fisher 272 Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State, Utah, Oklahoma City & Dallas
Karl Malone 258 Utah & Los Angeles Lakers