After a marathon 82-game season, the cream of the NBA is asked to pull up their socks, adjust their shooting sleeves, and set off for a sprint known as the playoffs.

But while the game's greats can coast here and there during the regular season, with the lights brighter in the post-season and the competition even hotter, it is kill or be killed; win or go home.

From giants of the past to powerhouses of the near present, here is the full list of NBA teams to have scored 145 or more points in an NBA playoff game.

Points Team Opponent Date
157 Boston Celtics New York Knicks April 28, 1990
156 Milwaukee Bucks Philadelphia 76ers March 20, 1970
154 Los Angeles Clippers Dallas Mavericks August 25, 2020
153 Los Angeles Lakers Denver Nuggets May 22, 1985
Portland Trail Blazers Phoenix Suns May 11, 1992
152 San Antonio Spurs Denver Nuggets April 26, 1983
151 Dallas Mavericks Seattle SuperSonics April 23, 1987
Phoenix Suns Portland Trail Blazers May 11, 1992
150 Toronto Raptors Brooklyn Nets August 23, 2020
148 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers May 27, 1985
147 Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns April 20, 1985
Denver Nuggets Portland Trail Blazers June 1, 2021
145 St. Louis Hawks Detroit Pistons March 25, 1958
San Antonio Spurs Denver Nuggets May 4, 1983
Detroit Pistons Boston Celtics May 24, 1987
Philadelphia 76ers Brooklyn Nets April 15, 2019