Whether they care to admit it publicly or not, there is only one reason professional NFL footballers get out of bed every day: to pursue a Super Bowl ring.

And for the franchise that can tread the shark-infested depths of the regular season and come out alive with a winning record, the arduous sprint of the post-season awaits them.

From the wild cards to the Super Bowl, the steeled unit that runs with the bulls and wins earns the right to raise a banner and bump jewel-encrusted knuckles.

However, for the teams mangled in the shallows well before the post-season, it is back to the drawing board as another year of a championship drought is chalked up.

From a sloppy jalopy in the Motor City to some rusty red birds in the desert, here is the ordered list of active Super Bowl-era championship droughts for every NFL  franchise.

Franchise Seasons Most recent championship
Arizona Cardinals 58 -
Detroit Lions 58 -
Cleveland Browns 58 -
Buffalo Bills 58 -
Tennessee Titans 58 -
Los Angeles Chargers 58 -
Minnesota Vikings 58 -
Atlanta Falcons 58 -
Cincinnati Bengals 56 -
New York Jets 55 Super Bowl III (1968)
Miami Dolphins 50 Super Bowl VIII (1973)
Las Vegas Raiders 40 Super Bowl XVIII (1983)
Chicago Bears 38 Super Bowl XX (1985)
Washington Commanders 32 Super Bowl XXVI (1991)
San Francisco 49ers 29 Super Bowl XXIX (1994)
Carolina Panthers 29 -
Jacksonville Jaguars 29 -
Dallas Cowboys 28 Super Bowl XXX (1995)
Houston Texans 22 -
Indianapolis Colts 17 Super Bowl XLI (2006)
Pittsburgh Steelers 15 Super Bowl XLII (2008)
New Orleans Saints 14 Super Bowl XLIV (2009)
Green Bay Packers 13 Super Bowl XLV (2010)
New York Giants 12 Super Bowl XLVI (2011)
Baltimore Ravens 11 Super Bowl XLVII (2012)
Seattle Seahawks 10 Super Bowl XLVIII (2013)
Denver Broncos 8 Super Bowl 50 (2015)
Philadelphia Eagles 6 Super Bowl LII (2017)
New England Patriots 5 Super Bowl LIII (2018)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 Super Bowl LV (2020)
Los Angeles Rams 2 Super Bowl LVI (2021)
Kansas City Chiefs 0 Super Bowl LVIII (2023)