Rugby sevens is like the 15-man game on fast forward.

Seven-minute halves may mean 14-minute games but with just seven on each side to cover a full-sized rugby field, this extra space, more often than not, leads to extra points on the board.

With slick moves from smooth hands, lightning speed, and fancy footwork, sevens players can weave in and out of traffic in a bid to run cricket scores up in no time.

Since the dawn of the international series in 1999-2000, a litany of speedy superstars have tried their hand at the seven-man game, with the cream of the crop earning high honours after their yearly whistlestop tours of the globe.

Pooled from five different continents, here are the names to be voted as the Rugby Sevens Player of the Year from every season since 2003.

Season Player Nationality
2003/04 Simon Armor England
2004/05 Orene Ai'i New Zealand
2005/06 Uale Mai Samoa
2006/07 Afeleke Pelenise New Zealand
2007/08 DJ Forbes New Zealand
2008/09 Ollie Phillips England
2009/10 Mikaele Pesamini Samoa
2010/11 Cecil Afrika South Africa
2011/12 Tomasi Cama Jr. New Zealand
2012/13 Tim Mikkelson New Zealand
2013/14 Samisoni Viriviri Fiji
2014/15 Werner Kok South Africa
2015/16 Seabelo Senatla South Africa
2016/17 Perry Baker United States
2017/18 Perry Baker United States
2018/19 Jerry Tuiwai Fiji
2019/20 No award given -
2020/21 Marcos Moneta Argentina
2021/22 Terry Kennedy Ireland
2022/23 Rodrigo Isgro Argentina