Wrestlemania - The showcase of the Immortals, the show of shows, the grandest stage of them all.

It's the one date every pro wrestling fan circles on the calendar the moment it's announced, and the one event the casual fans will always tune in for.

It simply doesn't get any bigger, and over the years, there have been some classic shows, amazing moments, guest appearances, and equally, some horrendous shows and matches.

But who has appeared at Wrestlemania the most?

All Sport looks at the top eleven superstars with the most matches across the decorated 39-year history of Wrestlemania, and it'll come as a surprise to no one that the Undertaker heads the list, with other household names among wrestling fans then flowing down the list.

Wrestlemania 40 will see Rey Mysterio make his way further up the list, while the Miz will also make his way onto the list as part of a tag team match.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are the closest two active superstars to the list and could well feature in the coming years, although it's highly unlikely the Undertaker's record will ever be challenged.

Top ten most Wrestlemania matches

1. The Undertaker (27 matches, 25 wins, 2 losses)
2. Triple H (23 matches, 10 wins, 13 defeats)
3. Randy Orton (18 matches, 8 wins, 10 defeats)
=4. Kane (17 matches, 8 wins, 9 losses)
=5. Shawn Michaels (17 matches, 6 wins, 11 defeats)
6. John Cena (16 matches, 10 wins, 6 defeats)
7. The Big Show (15 matches, 4 wins, 11 defeats)
=8. Edge (14 matches, 9 wins, 5 defeats)
=8. Bret Hart (14 matches, 8 wins, 6 defeats)
=8. Chris Jericho (14 matches, 5 wins, 9 defeats)
=8. Rey Mysterio (14 matches, 8 wins, 6 defeats)

Correct prior to Wrestlemania XL (2024)