Super Bowl LIX will be held February 9, 2025 at the Ceasers Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, crowning the illustrious champion of one of the most anticipated NFL seasons in recent memory.

Will Patrick Mahomes defy historical odds and etch his name in sporting folklore with the first NFL three-peat in the Super Bowl era? Or will a rival franchise defy the literal odds by dethroning the Chiefs amid a dynastic run?

Kansas City have provided no reason to believe a Super Bowl hangover is on the table, they have been the top dogs in the AFC since Mahomes was assigned their starting quarterback. He is already chasing ghosts in the pantheon of the NFL's greatest and while he is on pace to catch everyone, the argument for the greatest of all time may hinge on a record-breaking Super Bowl victory this season.

Potentially standing in his way once again could be Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers, who will be hungry to avenge the heartbreak of last season, but potentially susceptible to a dip season as many Super Bowl losers are.

Another franchise desperate for revenge will be the Baltimore Ravens, who watched the Chiefs enter the building and eliminate them from contention with an AFC Championship performance for the ages.

Pressure is on Lamar Jackson to right the wrongs of his playoff past, but the possibility is glaring with the addition of Derrick Henry bolstering the run stocks that abandoned the Ravens in their most recent loss.

Brave NFL pundits may back in the New York Jets with the 12th-best odds they hold. If Aaron Rodgers can turn back the clock at 40 years old and take the Jets from mediocrity to the promised land, it would be one of the biggest NFL comeback stories this century.

The Los Angeles Chargers are another brave pick pending the impact of new coach Jim Harbaugh. If he can unlock the untapped potential we all see in quarterback Justin Herbert, the Chargers may go further than we think.

Finally, the jury is out on the Chicago Bears with their generational draft pick Caleb Williams. It is not unprecedented for a rookie to shift the fortunes of a franchise in one season; C.J. Stroud did just that for the Houston Texans last year.

It is unprecedented for a rookie to take their team all the way to Super Bowl success, however. If Caleb can exceed the hype and be a difference maker at quarterback like we've never seen before, who knows what the limit is in year one.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs ($6.00)
  2. San Fransisco 49ers ($7.00)
  3. Baltimore Ravens ($11.00)
  4. Detroit Lions ($13.00)
  5. Buffalo Bills ($13.00)
  6. Cincinatti Bengals ($13.00)
  7. Houston Texans ($16.00)
  8. Dallas Cowboys ($17.00)
  9. Philadelphia Eagles ($17.00)
  10. Green Bay Packers ($19.00)

Miami Dolphins ($23.00)
New York Jets ($26.00)
Atlanta Falcons ($26.00)
Los Angeles Rams ($34.00)
Los Angeles Chargers ($41.00)
Jacksonville Jaguars ($41.00)
Chicago Bears ($41.00)
Cleveland Browns ($41.00)
Pittsburgh Steelers ($41.00)
Indianapolis Colts ($61.00)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($67.00)
Seattle Seahawks ($67.00)
Minnesota Vikings ($71.00)
New Orleans Saints ($81.00)
Las Vegas Raiders ($81.00)
Arizona Cardinals ($81.00)
New York Giants ($101.00)
Tennessee Titans ($126.00)
Denver Broncos ($151.00)
Washington Commanders ($151.00)
New England Patriots ($151.00)
Carolina Panthers ($251.00)