Despite feeling disappointed by finishing down in sixth place in the 2016 Formula One driver's standings, Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen is confident that he had a much better season than the two previous years.

However, that said, the Finn cannot be totally happy with the outcome because by Ferrari's standards, a winless season is not even close to the desired result.

"If I just compare it to the last two years, yes it has been better on my side but then you cannot be very happy because it's far from what we want," Kimi was quoted as saying in Autosport. "There were good things, and they did good stuff, but obviously the end result is nowhere near what we want. It's happy sometimes, but you have to take it as one chunk - the year - and when we finished where we finished we cannot be happy."

Kimi's performances had improved in comparison to his teammate, Sebastian Vettel, who finished fifth overall, with the gap between the two more than 100 points closer than it was in 2015.