With the 2016 Formula One World Championship well behind us and a third place finish in the drivers' Championship stitched up nice and firmly for Daniel Ricciardo, the Red Bull Racing driver now has his sights firmly set on the rapidly approaching festive season.

That then poses the question, what could a Formula One driver possibly want Santa to bring them, besides a World Championship that is? Daniel's answer was quite simple...

"For Christmas, a cold beer would be enough, but for March a fast car," he told the Age today after visiting West Coast players in Perth. "Obviously we're pretty sensible during the season, and if you win a race you may have a few drinks and whatever, but pretty lean and clean."

“But December's my time to loosen up a little bit and enjoy a few beers with friends. Yeah, Christmas mate, I'll just be happy doing that with family, and a couple of cold beers I would gladly accept."

He may be taking it easy now, but with the new regulations coming in for 2017, the Perth born racer will need to make sure he is in the best possible shape for the season opener in Melbourne.

"It's really just off-season time, but once January starts my trainer comes over. He'll come to Perth straight after the new year and we'll get a bit of a head start here and then head off from here. The team will be in touch every now and then and maybe ask a couple of things, but more driver comfort things as opposed to design and that.”

“I'll be honest, in terms of design and that I'm nowhere near capable of telling the guys what shape that part should be … but I guess where I'm sort of strong is once we drive the car, it's then telling them what I think we should do now."