Aussie F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo stars on more than just the race track with the Perth born star doing his best to help those suffering from mental illness.

Speaking to the Australian press, Ricciardo revealed how his life had been affected by the battles people undergo when dealing with depression after helping a friend through some very tense moments.

"I've got some friends who have gone through some stuff,” the 27 year old explained in the Herald Sun. "There are a few people who have been closer to me so I'm trying to do my little part if I can and help out. To be honest it's something that is quite new me to me in terms of my understanding of it all. Only within the last six or so months I've let's say opened my eyes to it a bit more. It's not something that many people talk about but it happens and it's a big problem to a lot of people.”

"It's a big fight overcoming such a thing so I think the more people that have some of these issues, we're trying to say get it out there and address it,” Daniel added. "And don't let things bottle up for too long and make a small problem turn into a big one.”

Daniel has thrown his weight behind ‘The inner Ninja' a mental health advocacy group run by his friend and suicide survivor, Stefani Caminiti, who is eternally grateful to the Red Bull driver for helping her when she needed it the most…

"He's been one of my biggest supporters. We've been lifelong friends,” she explained. “He's one of my great mates and I'm very lucky that he helped me.”