Lewis Hamilton gave Mercedes the record for the most wins in a season when he scored their 17th victory this afternoon in Mexico City.

The reigning world champion kept the battle for the 2016 crown alive by securing a flag to flag win finishing seven points clear of his championship rival and teammate, Nico Rosberg, who crossed the line in second place.

Sebastian Vettel finished in third, however, it looked as if there was going to be a tussle on the podium with Max Verstappen convinced that he had secured the final podium position, but, due to an off track excursion that saw the Red Bull driver go off track to retain his place in front of Vettel, the stewards handed him a five second penalty after he crossed the line.

Vettel was annoyed because Verstappen should have given the place back, instead he was slowing up a little and seemingly backing him into Ricciardo, who was close behind in fifth.

“Am I the only one or are you seeing what I'm seeing???” Vettel asked his pit crew. “He is backing me into Ricciardo!!!”

Aussie racer Daniel Ricciardo finished fourth after a last lap plunge almost saw him take Vettel, but the two drivers tussled and Vettel came out the victor so Ricciardo had to settle for fourth.

The team told him that Charlie Whiting was investigating the matter and Vettel let loose with a strong of expletives against the FIA official with the pit crew urging him to calm down and that they would discuss it after the race.

Charlie Whiting wasn't the only one that copped Vettel's wrath with other choice words going out over the radio throughout the 71 lap event.

However, Ricciardo was not a very happy man at the end of the race after Vettel cut him off in a way that he himself often complains about….

“I believe Seb did what he is accusing everyone else of doing, moving under braking,” Daniel said as he watched a smiling Sebastian Vettel on the podium.

There will be a lot more to come out of this….