All the focus may be on Mercedes at this point in time as they scramble to find a replacement for 2016 Formula One World Champion, Nico Rosberg, so it may be easy to overlook everything else going on in the sport, including the arrival of a new young rookie driver, Lance Stroll.

Stroll, who hails from Canada, is just 18 years of age and will begin his Formula One career in 2017 with the WilliamsF1 team.

While it may be unusual for a team like Williams to take a chance on an unknown, the Grove based squad's Technical Director Pat Symonds believes that his raw talent will cancel out the mistakes he will surely make as he learns his way around the series…

"Of course he'll make mistakes and we'll be repairing cars. These things happen as part of the process,” he was quoted as saying by Reuters. "If you look at his Formula 3 career, in 2015 he was having quite a few accidents in that. "

"He didn't win that championship (in 2016) with anything other than a lot of skill and maturity. For a guy that young he's driven really well in pretty well every condition. He's raced well, he's led at the front. He's come through the field a bit, he's driven well in the wet. He is the real deal."