San Antonio head coach Gregg Popovich breaks the record for the quickest NBA ejection

April 3, 2019 - Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado

Having coached in the NBA for more than a quarter of a century, Gregg Popovich has written his name into the record books on multiple occasions

At present, Popovich is the owner of five championship rings and the honour of being known as the winningest coach in league history - a record that he continues to add to at the tender age of 75.

However, Popovich has also lived long enough to see himself become the villain on more than one occasion, with not every instance of his name inked in the game's annals worthy of congratulations.

A day after claiming a pre-playoffs win over Atlanta at home, Popovich and his Spurs made the mile-high jaunt to Denver to take on Michael Malone and his Nuggets.

But while the Spurs would eventually slump to a 113 to 85 defeat at altitude, 'Coach Pop' wouldn't see the second minute of the drubbing after being punted out of the game in record time.

Whether the septuagenarian felt he needed a night off or he was simply keen to get something off his chest, Popovich was ejected from the one-sided affair just 63 seconds after earning a pair of technical fouls.

Proving they broke the mould after making him, Popovich popped up once he had cooled under the collar, interrupting his counterpart's post-game presser in a light-hearted manner.