Red Bull Racing is enjoying a friendly dig at their rivals, Mercedes and Ferrari, with a selection of holiday cards and wallpapers on their official website.

The Christmas collection features a card with a picture of the rear of Max Verstappen's F1 charger with a Mercedes behind it and the driver shaking a fist. The rear wing on the Red Bull contender says: ‘How's my driving? Call Jos on +31 33333.'

This is an intended dig at the Championship winning outfit who's boss, Tot Wolff, called Max's father, Jos Verstappen, ahead of the last two rounds of 2016 asking him to get his son to stay out of the champion ship fight going on between their two drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

The card also depicts the second Red Bull, this time of Daniel Ricciardo with a Ferrari behind it and on the Aussies rear wing are the words: ‘How's my driving? Call Charlie Whiting.'

This was due to the argument between Daniel and Sebastian Vettel during the Mexican Grand Prix when Vettel ranted over the radio after Charlie Whiting told him to give a position back to Max Verstappen. The Ferrari driver was very annoyed with the situation and then Daniel tried to make a move to overtake and Vettel moved under breaking. He was later penalized for his actions, elevating Ricciardo into a third placed finish and helpi8ng to secure the Aussies third place finish in the drivers standings.

You can download the image here.