Formula One fans across the world have been entertained every time Aussie racer Daniel Ricciardo secured a podium finish after the Red Bull Racing driver started a new ‘Australian' tradition of sorts, drinking champagne from his race boot.

Known around the world as the ‘shoey' Ricciardo has made several others join in the festivities with him on the rostrum, including former F1 driver Mark Webber and Hollywood star Gerard Butler.

However, it now looks as if Daniel is not the only Australian to perform the ‘shoey' with one cricket fan going that little bit further on day four of the Australia/Pakistan match where he poured beer into a prosthetic leg at the Gabba..

The ‘celebration' was filmed to chants of ‘leggy leggy leggy'

At this stage there is no word from Ricciardo on the ‘new development'.
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