Since the dawn of the NBA's conference system, the now-15 teams in the East have competed for the right to be dubbed the Eastern Conference Champions each season.

However, at present, only two-thirds of these teams have won the prize.

Ahead of the 2024 NBA Finals, 10 teams have celebrated an Eastern Conference Championship, with five franchises having achieved the feat on multiple occasions.

Still, two - the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls - lead the pack with six Eastern Conference Championships a piece.

From Bean Town to Chi-Town; up into Canada and the Big Apple, here is the full list of NBA teams to have won an Eastern Conference Championships.


Number of Conference Championships Franchise
6 Boston Celtics
Chicago Bulls
3 Detroit Pistons
Miami Heat
1 Cleveland Cavaliers
Milwaukee Bucks
New York Knicks
Philadelphia 76ers
Toronto Raptors
Washington Wizards