Australians have made notable inroads into the National Football League (NFL), transitioning from various football codes to achieve success in American football.

This fascination with the NFL among Australians, both in the media and the public, parallels the interest in the Irish experiment, reflecting a unique cultural crossover.

The journey began with Pat O'Dea in 1896 and has since evolved, particularly in the punter position where skills from Australian Rules football are highly transferable.

The allure of the NFL, with its higher salaries and extended career longevity, has attracted athletes from Australian Rules football, rugby league, and rugby union.

Prominent figures like Darren Bennett and Ben Graham have paved the way, inspiring others to follow. Institutions like Prokick Australia, run by former NFL hopeful Nathan Chapman, play a pivotal role in training and preparing Australian talent for the NFL.

The impact of Australians in the NFL is further evidenced by the success in the Ray Guy Award, with several Australians dominating the accolade for the top punter in NCAA Division I FBS football in recent years.

Jesse Williams' Super Bowl ring with the Seattle Seahawks was the first ever won by an Australian. Arryn Siposs' run to the big game with Jordan Mailata and the Philadelphia Eagles is another notable achievement which highlights the diverse contributions of Australians to the NFL.

This list celebrates every Australian who has ventured into the NFL, showcasing their achievements and the growing influence of Australian athletes in American football.

2023 - Patrick Murtagh, TE (Gold Coast Suns, VFL)

2023 - Lou Hedley, P (Peel Thunder, WAFL)

2022 - Daniel Faalele, OT (Rugby Union)

2021 - Max Duffy, P (Fremantle Dockers, AFL)

2020 - Arryn Siposs, P (St Kilda Saints, AFL)

2020 - Matt Leo, DE (Aussie Rules & Rugby)

2019 - Valentine Holmes, RB/KR (Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, Rugby)

2019 - Mitch Wishnowski, P (Aussie Rules)

2018 - Jordan Mailata, OT (South Sydney Rabittohs U20s, Rugby)

2018 - Michael Dickson, P (Aussie Rules)

2018 - Keith Wrzuszczak, P (Aus National Pole Vault)

2017 - Cameron Johnston, P (Melbourne Demons, AFL)

2016 - Adam Gotsis, DE (Aussie Rules)

2016 - Lac Edwards, P (Aussie Rules)

2016 - Blake Muir, OG/OT (Aus Grid Iron)

2016 - Tom Hackett, P (Aussie Rules)

2016 - Joel Wilkinson, DB (Gold Coast Suns, AFL)

2015 Jarryd Hayne, RB (Parramatta Eels, NRL)

2015 - Jordan Berry, P (Aussie Rules)

2015 - Sam Irwin-Hill, P (Aussie Rules)

2014 - Tom Hornsey, P (Geelong Cats, VFL)

2014 - Alex Dunnachie, P (Aussie Rules)

2013 - Brad Wing, P (Aussie Rules)

2013 - Jesse Williams, DT (Aus Grid Iron)

2012 - Hayden Smith, TE (Rugby Union)

2010 - David King, P (Aussie Rules)

2010 - Chris Bryan, P (Aussie Rules)

2009 - Jy Bond, P (Richmond Tigers, AFL)

2007 - Anthony Rocca, P (Sydney & Collingwood, AFL)

2007 - Sav Rocca, P (Collingwood & North Melbourne, AFL)

2006 - David Lonie, P (Pole Vault, Javelin, Soccer, Water Polo)

2005 - Ben Graham, P (Geelong Cats, AFL)

2004 - Matt McBriar, P (Aussie Rules)

2004 - Nathan Chapman, P (Brisbane & Hawthorn, AFL)

1995 - Darren Bennett, P (West Coast & Melbourne, AFL)

1987 - Colin Scotts, DT (Rugby Union)

1965 - Colin Ridgway, P (Olympic High jumper)